Frequently asked Questions

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What should I do if I find an inappropriate status?

Please report the user who it belongs to.

What is the endpoint for fetching a user's status?

Send a GET request to /api/[user], replacing [user] with a username.

What is the endpoint for fetching the code of a status?

Use the same endpoint as above but with ?code=true at the end, eg. /api/NFlex23?code=true.

Can everyone see my status?

Yes, everyone can see your status and its code, so please don't put personal information or anything inappropriate for Scratch in it.

Some components are returning 0, or I get the message "requested data not available right now." Why does this happen?

Don't worry; this can happen for a few reasons.

  1. The most common issue is that ScratchDB is currently down. It will come back up, but it may take some time. This affects everyone's status, not just yours.
  2. You tried to use a forum-related component when you have never posted on the forums. Try removing the component to see if it's the culprit.
  3. You used a component that relies on statistics, but ScratchDB hasn't indexed you yet because you have less than 10 followers. This is something that Aviate can't change, so you will have to wait until you gain more followers to use that component. In the meantime, you can explore other components that don't depend on statistics and still create a great status!