Read the Tutorial

This will explain how statuses work. Don't worry; it's not hard!

The Basics

Statuses are really just text and components mixed together. Text is, well, just normal text:

I đź’– Aviate!

That is a full Aviate status, if a boring one. Let's make it more interesting:

I have {followers} followers and {postcount} forum posts!

Those things in braces (the { and }) are called components. They are what make Aviate special! Although that was a simple example, components can actually be a bit more complex:

{round {percent {posts at} {postcount}} 1}% of my posts are in the ATs.

Phew! That was a mouthful. I'll explain each part next.


Components consist of a name, like followers or add, then a list of arguments separated by spaces. That's a fancy term for values you give to the component to use, such as 42, total, or even another component.

3 + 4 = {add 3 4}, 4 * 5 = {mul 4 5}, (1 + 2) * 3 = {mul {add 1 2} 3}

The way of writing components with the name before them, such as {add 1 2}, might be a bit disorienting at first, but you'll soon get the hang of it.

You can see a list of every component on your dashboard if you are curious.

Value Types

There are 3 types of values that you can pass to components:

  1. Numbers, such as 42, -3, or 3.14.
  2. Strings, like total, hello, and "Hello, world!". There are two different ways of writing a string: if your text has no spaces and consists only of letters, then you don't need to wrap it with quotes; otherwise, you do. hello doesn't need quotes, but "Hello, there" does.
  3. Booleans, like true or false. You won't normaly use Booleans directly, instead components such as less or not will produce them, and the if component takes one to decide which value to return.
  4. Other components that result in a value. This allows you to nest components—putting one component inside of another. For example, since {followers} results in a number, you can do interesting things like {mul 100 {followers}}. There are lots of possibilities!

Since strings could be anything in the world, there are two special types of strings that are used by some components. They are the abbreviated names of forums, and the names of statistic categories. That sounds confusing, but it really isn't. Take a look:

Forum abbreviations
Abbreviation Meaning
total total
sat Show and Tell
announcements Announcements
ns New Scratchers
hws Help with Scripts
requests Requests
dse Developing Scratch Extensions
qas Questions about Scratch
at Advanced Topics
suggestions Suggestions
collaboration Collaboration
bag Bugs and Glitches
pi Project Ideas
osp Open Source Projects
timac Things I'm Making and Creating
tirap Things I'm Reading and Playing
cthpw Connecting to the Physical World
psalc Project Save & Level Codes
Statistic categories
  • loves
  • favorites
  • comments
  • views
  • followers
  • following

If a component says it needs a forum, give it one of those abbreviations. Same thing with a category.

I have {posts ns} posts in New Scratchers, and I have {amount loves} of loves

Remember, since the special strings only contain letters, no quotes are required.

That's it!

It really is that simple to write an Aviate status. Now that you know how, get creative and make yours!